Teen/Middle-Grade/Family Titles In Print


Young Adult Alphabetical by Author

Teen Titles by Kelly Abell 



Haunted Destiny $10.99    

 Teen Titles by Marlon Pierre-Antoine




Wandering Stars - $11.99    


YA Sci/Fi Thriller by Natalie Berger




The Towers $11.99    


Teen Titles by Charlotte Blackwell



Immortal Embrace - $12.99   Forbidden Embrace - $12.99



Mystic Embrace - $12.99    

 Teen Titles by Jill Campbell




Celtic Rose $12.99    The Awakening $10.99


Teen Titles by K. S. Carroll




The Orchard $10.99  The Pasture $9.99  The South Village $8.99





The Castle $9.99  The Garden $9.99  



Teen Titles by Jasmine Denton



Inner Demons - $7.99   Saving Hanah - $8.99



Soul of the Sea - $11.99    Song of the Sea - $11.99




Heart of the Sea $12.99    


Teen Titles by Karen Fuller



The Revelation - $6.99   Furiously Tempted - $6.99



Sweet Rebellion $10.99    Birthright $8.99

  Teen Titles by A. I Goldfarb



Time Tracer $10.99    



Teen Titles by M. J. Goodnow




Evolution of the Fallen - $10.99    


Teen Titles by Jack Hessey




Fire and Fury $12.99    



Teen Titles by G. R. Holton




Soleri - $9.99    Dragon's Bow $9.99




Guardian's Alliance $10.99    

Teen Titles by Jeff W. Horton




The Way of Nacor $11.99    



Teen Titles by Michelle Izmaylov and Gilt Entertainment




Galazy Watch $12.99    



Teen Titles by Nicole Izmaylov




Curse Breakers $10.99    


Teen Titles by Annabelle Jay




The Knight Perry $9.99    


Teen Titles by Mary Jo Nickum




A Girl Named Mary $10.99    



Teen Titles by Juliana Rew




Under the Dragon Banner $6.99    Miranda of Daris $8.99

Young Adult Titles by B. R. Sanders




Cargo $8.99    


Teen Titles by C. R. Sedore




Fairic Stone $7.99    



Teen Titles by Deva Shore




Secrets of the Tomb $10.99    


Teen Titles by Christopher Spence




Snowball $10.99    

Teen Titles by A. L. Terry




Darkened Shadows: The Call $10.99    Darkened Shadows: The Revenge $10.99



Teen Titles by Carla Trueheart




The Ritual of the Four $12.99    



Teen Titles by Destiny Webb




My Wish For You $10.99    







Middle-Grade Titles

Middle-Grade Titles by Nicole Izmaylov




Dart and the Squirrels - $6.99    


Middle-Grade Titles by Debbie Kump



Transformed - $9.99    

Middle-Brade Titles by Fran Orenstein




The Book of Mysteries $12.99    



Middle-Grade Titles by Marie Pacha




Ewetopia - $8.99    




Family Titles

Regency Romance by Debra Brown




The Companion of Lady Holmeshire - $11.99    


Adult Satire by Ashley Chappell




Of War and Taters $11.99    



Women's Lit/Drama by Gail Gurley




Fearless Heart - $10.99    


Christian Suspense Titles by Jeff W. Horton




The Dark Age - $12.99            The Last Prophet - $12.99


Science Fiction Titles by Jeff W. Horton




Cybersp@ce $11.99    Frontiers $12.99




New Beginnings $12.99    


Science Fiction Titles by Susan Kite




The Mendel Experiment $10.99    Blue Fire $11.99



Contemporary Titles by Ronald Paxton




Winter Songs $10.99    Deep Water $10.99




Haven $11.99    


Non-Fiction Humor by Lady Soliloque




Dear Yankee $12.99    

Mystery/Crime Titles by Judith White





A Method to Madness $10.99    Sins of the Father $11.99




Opened Wounds $11.99    



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