Arkwatch Holdings is a creative asset and intellectual property holding company. Our projects include CGI animated feature films, television specials and series, live entertainment properties, and book publishing distribution and services for audiences around the world. The company has industry world class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team, and advanced entertainment mediums, technology and techniques.

Recently Arkwatch Holdings LLC and World Castle Publishing LLC together have commissioned several top industry artists to develop our books to film, television, and other entertainment mediums. We welcome you to our world of creative assets and intellectual properties. (The future looks great!)








 In 1995 Pixar started an animation revolution when they released the first fully computer-animated feature film, Toy Story. Over the last 22 years, Hollywood studios have continued producing these great films, and only a handful have made less than $100 million at the box office.

It’s no wonder that many investors are now gravitating to animated films. Animated films reach out to everyone, with storylines including action, comedy, and romance, giving them an even greater impact to profit.
One of the advantages to animated films is that people keep having babies, so as the children grow so does their demand to be entertained, thus assuring a new audience year after year.
Take a look at the chart below. It gives a few examples of the cost to produce the film verses box office sales and shows the return on investment.
Ancillary product sales from licensed spin offs is a $95 billion dollar a year industry.
In 2006, Cars grossed $462 million at the box office. They went on to make an additional $8Billion USD in retail merchandise sales.
In 2010, Cars 2 grossed $560 million at the box office. They went on to make an additional $2Billion USD in retail merchandise sales.
As new techniques in technology and advanced CGI special effects keep evolving, animated movies are starting to take center stage. Add to it the new medium of Virtual Reality and the numbers could be staggering.

Investing in animated films can yield extraordinary returns for a lifetime, and most animated films are classed as “evergreen”. That means that they’ll always be kept in the film libraries around the world producing perpetual profits.


Here are PowerPoint project overviews for four of our creative assets.








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