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I was born in Yorkshire, England, in a town where Emily Bronte was a governess for a while, not at the same time I lived there, though, I hasten to add. I did, however, find the love of my life there – a Scottish writer working in advertising. We set up house together, got married and had two boys. A little later, we moved over the Pennines to Cheshire, and settled accompanied by a wide assortment of animals. With my family, I have the type of memories where the sun always shines.

I help my youngest son with his small business of sculpting, casting and painting all types of collectables. I love drawing, writing, daydreaming, caffeine, chocolate, cakes, comic books, horror and fantasy…any book regardless of genre, as long as it’s well written.

Talent is talent…so I don’t care whether the author is male or female. However, I do think the ladies have the upper hand with the fantasy-romance-horror-raunchy mix. Keep it up, girls!

If I take something apart and put it back together will it still work – or will it have lost the spark, the magic that made it work in the first place…



 Urban Fantasy


Author: Denise M. Main

Print ISBN:     9781937085346

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085629

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date 7/1/2011

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Jenna is an ex-junkie and talented illustrator who seemingly attracts trouble wherever she goes. On the run from her addiction and looking for a physical and spiritual breathing space, she meets up with Lone Wolf. This young half-breed Apache saves her life, then awakens her to a hidden past that horrifies, confuses and puts her in worse danger than ever.

Torn between loyalty to her father, her powerful family of shape-shifters, love for her brothers, and devotion to her young son, she rebels. Then the fur really begins to fly.

In order to save her life and sanity, she attempts a desperate take-over for control of the family, with just one ally at her side – her Apache saviour and adopted brother.

But he is much more than he appears to be…and not always on her side. 

1/28/2012 Amazon Top 10 Bestselling

1/29/2012 Amazon Top 10 Bestselling

3/31/12 Amazon Top 20 Bestselling

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #932 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

 Dark Fantasy

The Structure Chronicles

A Cold Day in Hell

Fourth in the Structure Chronicles

Author: Denise M. Main

Print ISBN:     9781937085353

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085469

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 7/1/2011

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DEMONS ARE Azarial thought.

It was a cold day in Hell when Azarial – demon, sculptor and daughter to the Fallen angel Sariel - got the first inkling she wasn’t quite the person she‘d thought she was.

Then when two old friends arrive bringing with them an outlawed rogue, she welcomes them. When they ask her to hide them from bounty hunters how could she refuse?

But when magic-users summon her to Earth and force her to find the rogue, then things begin to get nasty –

Azarial tries to hold her life together and help her friends.

Despite the angel who keeps following her around, a sultry young Nightlord who wants her to be his mentor, and the temptation of old lovers...

And you just know it’s going to be a bad day when you wake up with a stolen baby dragon in your kitchen.

1/8/2012 Amazon US Top 20

1/8/2012 Amazon UK Top 50

3/31/2012 Amazon Top 15 Bestselling

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #842 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)



First in the Structure Chronicles

Author: Denise M. Main

Print ISBN:     9781937085988

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085995

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 1/12/2012

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Anraun is one of the most beautiful worlds in the Structure, but something is causing dark dreams among the more sensitive of its inhabitants. Something that was exiled centuries ago by the strongest Prime Lords of that time. The prison world of Danaach. Exiled long ago, it holds the worst criminals in existence. Actually, their offspring. Who after centuries on their own little world have interbred and honed the particular talents that put their ancestors there in the first place. And now, that wicked ‘something’ this way comes.

The instrument of Danaach’s exile was the Starstone. Created by energies drawn from the various Prime world rulers, the Starstone opened a way between dimensions, between realities, sent the prison world there and slammed the door after it.

Then, because of the vast power locked in the Starstone, it was divided and the ‘shards’ hidden throughout the Structure. Except now, some of them are missing. Varen, part Nightlord, all nasty, has one. Morgan, High Lord of Anraun, and seer Liath find one, using it to unlock the Land–Power. Another one is...well, that comes to light later. But the worst thing is, there’s one on Danaach, and the prison world is on its way back for revenge.

While old treacheries mingle with new, Morgan calls on Nightlord friends, other Prime Lords and the ghost of his father, as he and the seer fight for their lives and their world. To keep the exiled world away. Or be rid of it once and for all.


1/21/2012 Amazon Top 25 Bestselling

1/22/2012 Amazon Top 30 Bestselling

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,275 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)




Hell is Where the Heart is

Fifth in the Structure Chronicles

Author: Denise M. Main

Print ISBN:      9781939865113

E-Book ISBN:  9781939865120

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 4/15/2013

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We left feather-phobic demon Azarial inadvertently breaking rules by helping her Nightchild friend, Kalesh, through his coming-of-age, and trying to come to terms with her Mom being a Fallen Archangel.

Still wanting to find out her Father’s identity, Azarial, and her sidekick Tonk the imp, battle Harpies, encounter Cupid, meet the Creator and even endure a trip into Prime Lord Jarath’s mind. But worst of all...

Well, to find out what that can be, you’ll have to join her and her friends in the next episode of Azarial’s story – Hell is Where the Heart is.

Will she finally find her Father?

Will Kalesh become a Stealer of souls?

Can she find the reason why the people she loves have turned away from her?

Will she be successful in an attempt to get back at them for rejecting her?

Only time, and a little magic, will tell.


Warning: contains explicit scenes unsuitable for under eighteens.



Second in the Structure Chronicles

Author: Denise Main

Print ISBN:    9781629892269

eBook ISBN:  9781629892276

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 04/01/2015

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When Lucienne, First among Stealers wants something, he’ll do anything to make it happen. Kidnap, murder, die, even become a god.

Twins, Aleah and Astalin Kamutec, youngest of the Prime Lord of Iantii’s family are fostered with the lord of Morne to complete their education, when an accident befalls Aleah and her memory of it is lost.

But there is something else in its place. Something cold, dark and evil which threatens to control the gentle girl.

When Saybel’s envoy to the world of Iantii, Nightlord Tarik al Fidhala, finds the dark in Aleah, he thinks he knows exactly what it is. But should he fight alongside the twins against it. Or follow his heart and join it?

Meanwhile on Anraun, the first battle with the prison world of Danaach is about to be fought, although unbeknown to the combatants there is someone spying on them. Someone who would be a god.

It’s a busy business, being a god, as Lucienne finds out, and sometimes plans go awry.


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