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I live in a small town in North-Central Oklahoma. I started writing when I was seventeen years old. I dreamed the story and then embellished that dream into a manuscript. I had over half of each book in my trilogy written when they were destroyed. I was devastated and quite writing for a very long time. I started writing again a few years ago when my cousin had me tell the stories to friends of ours and they inspired me to start writing again. They all loved my stories and supported me as I wrote. My Muse came along and helped me to develop the stories to have more comic relief. Most of the dark humor in the book comes from conversations with him.



Celtic Rose

Author: Jill Campbell

Print ISBN:    9781938243158

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085650

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Romance

Release Date 3/20/2012

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A curse is placed on a couple and on all who died to avenge them. They are reborn and live several lives finding each other and starting again only to die two years later. They will continue this cycle until the curse is broken Something has happened in this new life. Everything is accelerated and their death is coming quicker than usual. Their quest to find the artifacts that will stop this curse begins in a rush against time. Will they be betrayed by one of their own?

4/14/2012 Amazon Top 15 Ranking

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #654 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

The Awakening

Celtic Rose II

Author: Jill Ranney-Campbell

Print ISBN:      9781939865946

E-Book ISBN:  9781939865953

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Romance

Release Date 11/1/2013

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The cursed ones are back and this time they’re stronger than they’ve ever been, thanks to The Awakening, a prophecy believed to be legend.

Kallisto Craven has lived many centuries, she just isn’t sure if any of it is real. She’s been plagued with dreams her whole life, of family and friends that have been with her throughout the centuries. After one particularly heart-wrenching dream, she finds out they’re all real. A witch, Serena, had killed them centuries ago and cursed their Celtic lines to fight for all eternity. The biological mother of Kallisto and her twin brother, Kalan, countered the curse, allowing them a way out by living and dying over and over again until they can break the curse.

Kallisto and the other cursed members work to retrieve the last member, Talus—Kallisto’s one true love—and free him from Serena, who cast a spell on him. After many failed attempts, Kallisto loses heart and decides to go on alone. She fights to break the bond between all of them so the others can live full lives and no longer be forced to live and die with her.

Talus and Kallisto come together in a chance encounter, locking the curse in place, but she runs away, still determined to break the bond. The others do everything they can to bring her back, even playing chicken with a train. When they finally get her back, she’s taken away once more by the now vengeful Serena, and they must race to save Kallisto before she becomes the witch’s sacrifice, ending the curse in such a way that could annihilate the cursed ones, and devastate the entire Irish and Scottish lines for all eternity.

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