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K.A. Storm hails from sunny Northwest Florida. She has authored many short stories as a teen that are lost to time and has now picked her pen back up to write her favorite genre: horror. Her favorite authors, though very different from each other include: Stephen King, Dan Brown, and Stephanie Meyer. She has also been influenced by authors Karen Fuller and T.L. Mitchell. She looks forward to the release of her debute novel "The Unwelcomed".


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The Unwelcomed

Author: K. A. Storm

Print ISBN:     9781937085001

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085605

Genre: Horror

Release Date to be determined


When is a game not a game?

When it opens a door... Hell!

Young lovers dream of a bright future together.

An ancient evil wants Megan for himself.

Will her decisions change her dreams into nightmares?  

It's too late for decisions...

...because he's already here! 

This will be this Author's debut novel. Check back for release date.


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