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The Lady Soliloque, with a family lineage anchored in the Old North State since the early 1600’s, is a bonafide Southern Lady, born and bred.

Known for her young adult science fiction series, Enoch the Traveler, and its prequel, The Immortal Game, Lady Soliloque has long brought her love of the South and Southern Culture to the world by basing all her works in her beloved home state, as well as making her heroines strong Southern Ladies.

You can learn more about The Lady Soliloque at her website,, and find out about her young adult science fiction series at

Dear Yankee,

Letters from a Southern Lady

Author: Lady Sololique

Hardback ISBN:  9781629891804

Paperback ISBN: 9781629891811

eBook ISBN:         9781629891828

Genre: Non-Fiction Southern Humor

Release Date 12/1/2014

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“And so, my dear Yankee, it is with open arms that I begin this correspondence with you. As a bonafide Southern Lady, born and bred, I can understand how confusing and bewildering my culture is to anyone who was not born and raised here. I know several of you who have been in residence for quite a spell and are still completely baffled by all but the most surface aspects of being Southern and all that being Southern entails.

“I have high hopes that our forthright communication will lead to a new understanding which can only deepen our respect for one another.”

And so begins a collection of letters from the Southern perspective on everything Southern a Yankee needs to know. From cooking, to cliques, to manners, to the explanations behind what seems to be the strange culture of the South, Dear Yankee, Letters from a Southern Lady covers all aspects of the South with poignant humor.

“Move over Julia Sugarbaker, the Lady is here!” Mary Brown, Editor

“In penning "Dear Yankee", Lady Soliloque has given us a rare look into our Southern treasure chest, bringing to life, and light, the mysteries and secrets of a landscape as expansive and full of surprises as any piece of fiction, but it's all true!” Sharon Thiel, Editor

"As a Yankee raised in the South, even spending my teens in the home of a true Southerner, I see these Letters as the "must have" field guide to life in the South. Raising my own children here has shown me the value of the Southern way of life, and a good cast iron skillet." Judy Sullivan, Editor




The Immortal Game

Immortalis Venatio

Author: Lady Soliloque

Print ISBN:      9781629890326

E-Book ISBN:  9781629890333

Genre: Dark Fiction

Release Date 12/11/2013


“So, it is true.” Christian narrows his eyes. “Michael is here, and he is mortal.”

“Yes.” Joshua says without turning around.

“Truly mortal?” Christian drawls, suddenly smiling.  

“Yes.” He replies absently, his gaze still set on the glass before him.  

“Why?” Christian queries, eyes narrowing.

As Joshua stands there, the hazy reflection shifts and comes into focus. He reaches out into the glass and grabs the reflection of Christian's arm. Instantly, across the room, Christian's arm goes cold.

“Christian, we need to have an understanding.” He says quietly.

“Now, see here...” Christian gasps, pushing himself hard against the wall as the cold spreads through each nerve in his arm. The bones in his arm begin to crack slowly under the pressure.

“Remember, I need no invitation.”


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