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My name is Michael (M.J.) Goodnow. I am co-author of Red Storm Regime, the first volume of the Regime Guard 1,000 Years of War series. Weaving Dreams Publishing released that science fiction novel July of 2010. My co-author and I are currently working on three sequels and the prequel to the series. One of my poems will be included in an anthology compiled as a tribute to Dick Stodghill. This book, Evolution of the Fallen, was my first novel I ever wrote as an author and it took 5 1/2 years to publish.

I reside in Sauk Rapids, MN and making plans to move to Rochestor, MN. I have two children, Araya Ara and, my son, Damien Jarati-Michael. This book will be dedicated to my two former step-sons Allen Reiter and Nicholas Reiter and my own children.

Evolution  of the Fallen

Author: M. J. Goodnow

Print ISBN:     9781937085247

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085445

Genre: YA Social Issues

Release Date 6/15/2011

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Four mentally challenged Teenagers are placed into a group home. Tragedy and pain occur in instances of  abuse and medication over usage, with attending staff. Beth, the house mother finds, quite literally, a plan. What happens next may shake the word  "stigma" to the core.

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