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Mariam Shallan

I currently work as a preschool teacher in Cairo, Egypt, where I’ve always lived. Even though I love nature, I find city life extremely exciting and inspirational. It’s easy to spot beauty in nature, but it’s more interesting to discover it in industrial places, where you’re not expected where to look.

I’ve always been a dreamer of fantastic adventures, from which I return with a rich understanding of who I am and of many other questions I have. When I was fourteen, I discovered I could write and transform my imagination into words and storylines.


Tight Release

Author: Mariam Shaalan

Print ISBN:       9781629890241

E-Book ISBN:   9781629890258

Genre: Contemporary

Release Date 11/15/2013

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Nour’s life turns upside down when she gets pregnant from a one-night stand, and afraid her family will no longer accept her, she decides the only solution is to find a husband before telling them the news. But with the father of her child gone, whom else has she got to turn to? Until Ahmed, another man from Nour’s not so long ago past, reappears. Now in order to bring her life back around, she has to face what she didn’t want to face before.

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