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Marie started writing poetry when she was a teenager and set it aside for years as she worked traditional jobs and raised children. In her late 40s, she turned back to writing, at first as a hobby and then a profession as an author, an editor and a ghostwriter. 

Since then, she’s been published in the genres of poetry, literary non-fiction, and science fiction.

In 2010, she co-authored a science fiction novel, the first book in a series of five. Ewetopia, A Land Far from Normal is her first published fantasy and her personal favorite.  

She states, “I love fantasy and science fiction, yet they are the last two genres I expected to be published in. Go figure!”


A Land Far From Normal

Author: Marie Pacha

Print ISBN:     9781937085360

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085636

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy

Release Date 7/15/2011

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Ewetopia, A Land Far From Normal is the story of a prodigy lamb. When separated from her flock by a marauding wolf she goes in search of a shepherd, and finds one in a hamlet with no name. The hamlet is taken by storm by this small, fleecy and very vocal creature who fears nothing but wolves and mint jelly.
In the process of turning the hamlet upside down, Lamby tie dyes her fleece in pastel shades, superglues her hoof to her ear, digs a moat around the plywood palace, participates in the first ever Ewetopian Olympics in the 10 meter bellyflop event, and defeats General Wolff as he attempts to invade Ewetopia.
The hamlet sits on the map somewhere between Whimsey and Normal; and that describes it and its inhabitants as well as anything can. This is a quirky, light hearted book about a world that doesn’t exist except in one’s imagination. Fantasy and the real merge in Ewetopia, and good always wins over evil.

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