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Michelle Izmaylov is a medical student whose left and right brains are constantly at war, so she is on a trajectory to become a writer, illustrator, and physician. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Emory Pulse, a literary journal that publishes an annual anthology of short stories written by Emory's students. Michelle has received extensive recognition for her writing in all genres, including the 2010 Blumenthal Award for Best Undergraduate Essay, a 2011 Forward National Literature Award in General Fiction, and a 2013 Artistine Mann Award in Creative Nonfiction for Best Nonfiction.




Author: Michelle Izmaylov

Print ISBN:      9781939865526

E-Book ISBN:  9781939865533

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Release Date 06/15/2013

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Konstantin opens his door to the frantic calls for help by a young man carrying his bleeding and badly beaten granddaughter, Sophia. The old man’s long-suppressed hatred of Germans boils to the surface. Soldiers of the Third Reich murdered Sophia’s father during World War II, leaving an unresolved wound in his heart. Seeing Sophia, his only reason for living, crumpled in the arms of a German man triggers a seething demand for vengeance long denied.

Sophia’s grandfather draws on his wealth of military knowledge to target the boy whose only crime is his blood heritage. Seen uniquely though the eyes of the irrational man, we experience the violence of a vigilante blinded by hatred. Can he find peace? Will revenge destroy the innocent, including the granddaughter he so loves?





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Galaxy Watch

The Galacteran Legacy

Author: Michelle Izmaylov

Gilt Entertainment Corp

Print ISBN:      9781938243837

E-Book ISBN:  9781938243844

Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense

Release Date 7/1/2012

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It's the near future hell of global warming and the world is burning up. Nicole Sky can't take it anymore. The water rationing, the stifling heat, her frazzled parents arguing in the other room . . . . It's all too much for her, and she runs outside to escape her misery. It's no better outside. Smoke from uncontrollable fires billows in the air. Sirens wail in the distance. Lawns are dead from lack of water. Nicole finds a tree to take shelter from the blazing sun when a strange, nearly featherless bird scratches on the ground nearby, revealing a gold pocket watch buried under some scattered twigs. Nicole soon discovers that it's no ordinary watch. The watch face has odd symbols on it and sixteen blue buttons instead of a clock face and hands. Fired with curiosity, Nicole presses one of the strange buttons and a blue light engulfs her. Before she knows it, she's no longer on Earth but instead on a strange world of twin suns and mist-like alien flowers. Nicole is scared and disoriented, but it's cool, and it's such a relief to her, to be freed from the oppressive heat of Earth! She's curious, so she begins to explore. And when Nicole encounters a magnificent flaming bird a phoenix she knows that there is quite an adventure ahead of her. Soon she meets Lily, a sweet-natured, purple-furred alien, who reveals their whereabouts as Lunara, a planet far from Earth. Together, they set out for adventure but are soon caught in a terrifying storm. A flash of lightning guides them safely to a small cottage called The Various Doohickey Place. The establishment's shopkeeper Madam Banda has dark secrets of her own. Venturing off on their journey once again, Nicole and Lily are beset by the Omenra, an evil race of aliens bent on galactic conquest. Led by General Malkior Taggerath, the Omenra send an assassin on Nicole's trail. She and Lily are saved from certain death by shadowy Diu of the Airioth rebel faction. Diu soon reveals that it was he who left the gold watch, a teleporter called the Galactera, back on Earth. But even more, he informs Nicole that Earth is in grave danger in just one month, the Terranova, an Omenra-engineered weapon of mass destruction, will destroy her home world. After learning of the war between the Omenra Empire and the Airioth rebellion force that is tearing the galaxy apart, Nicole and her newfound allies set out on a quest to collect four enchanted artifacts mystical crystals with the power to destroy the Terranova in which dwell the enchantments of water, air, fire, and earth. Now, chosen by fate, guided by destiny, and driven by a prophecy in which she does not believe, Nicole must embark upon a perilous journey, ally with a dangerous force, and unravel the secrets of the Galactera to find a way back home. Because Earth has a deadline.



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