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R.S. Gardner is a twenty-something year old from England, currently living in New Zealand and backpacking around the world rather than face cold rainy reality. More often than not she can be found with her head in a book at a random train station somewhere. 

She has worked in various traumatic jobs, such as law firms, on fishing vessels and doing motel maintenance in the middle of the Australian desert. Hopefully these experiences gave her creative inspiration, if nothing else. 


Author: R. S. Gardner

Print ISBN:    9781629891460

eBook ISBN:  9781629891477

Genre: YA Thriller

Release Date 10/01/2014

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Marilyn Aske has admittedly made a few mistakes in life, but getting sent to the isolated, scientist-run rehabilitation house for criminal youths has to be the biggest one so far.

Although the main priority is trying to convince the creepy doctors to send her home, it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary place she’s been brought to, and she’s going nowhere. The doctors have a hidden plan for her and the six other youths trapped in the house and time is running out before it's too late to stop it.


Marilyn soon realises she has only two choices left: escape or submit.


The Sparrow Witch

Author: R. S. Gardner

Print ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Release Date to be determined


The United Territorium is a fractured realm, once powerful in ancient earth-magics but now recovering from decades of brutal civil war and pieced together by a fragile political treaty. As a daughter of the defeated winter lords, Matilda is expected to do anything necessary to repair her family’s honor. However, Matilda has no interest in politics or old grievances; all she wants to do is study magic.

Against her father’s will, she disguises herself as a male and runs away to the royal academy, where she quickly gains attention for both her strong shapeshifting ability and the bitter rivalry that arises between her and the Southern sun prince, Marcus Claudius.

As tensions escalate inside and out the academy, Matilda’s own brother takes control of the North and threatens to break the realm back into civil war all over again. With the future of the Territorium suddenly hanging in the balance, Matilda’s loyalties are trapped between her new friends, the magic she excels at, and her beloved, broken family.

And this time round, there will be no recovering from the consequences.



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