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Robert Welsh was born in Philadelphia.  A lifelong fan of suspense and travel writing, he completed his first novel shortly after graduating from Yale University in 2001 with a degree in English.  He also possesses a law degree from Rutgers University and is admitted to the New Jersey Bar.  Welsh worked for three different prosecutor's offices while writing The Helios Project.
His short stories began appearing in literary magazines in 2012.  He counts William Golding and Dean Koontz among his literary influences and much of his writing reflects on mankind’s evolving perception of the paranormal in the age of instant communication and social media.  He lives with his wife, Joanna, in New Jersey.  



The Helios Project

Author: Robert D. Welsh

Print ISBN:       9781938961038

E-Book ISBN:   9781938961045

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Release date 9/15/2012

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Mark Merriton rushes to the emergency room when his sister gets in a car wreck after experiencing wild hallucinations. After he arrives, physicians inform him that while examining her injuries they discovered a brain tumor that would have gone unnoticed if not for the accident. Convinced this can't be a simple coincidence, Mark commences an investigation to uncover the source of his sister's disturbing yet ultimately life-saving visions and finds she isn't the only one experiencing seemingly supernatural events around their hometown of Point Arena in Northern California.    

Soon enough, infamous neuroscientist George Burling arrives on the scene. An arrogant British charmer, the man is a star in his field but marginalized for his zany theories on the brain's potential for self-preservation. Meanwhile, Mark is aided by newly elected town sheriff Erin Sumner. A single mother and budding love interest to Mark, she helps him discover that the explanations George peddles are just a cover story. With the Pentagon's blessing, George initiated Project Helios, government-sanctioned experiments on the town with top-secret neurotoxins first developed by Imperial Japan during World War II. The toxins disrupt the brain's normal function, causing a powerful fear response which the Dept. of Defense hopes to utilize as a weapon against modern terrorists with no rational fear of martyrdom. But George has unknowingly unleashed an ancient evil -- one that harbors back to darkest days of humanity's last great war. The fate of the whole town will depend on what Mark and Erin decide next.

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