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Ronald Paxton was born in Richmond, Virginia, and grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He and his wife moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1995.
Ronald is retired from a career in the financial services industry and has been writing seriously for the last five years. His short stories have been widely published across the Internet. Ronald's writing is character driven with a strong sense of setting. "Winter Songs" is his first novel. He has recently completed his second novel, "Haven."
In addition to his writing, Ronald is an avid reader, runner, and beachcomber.

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Winter Songs

Author: Ronald Paxton

Print ISBN:      9781938961526

E-Book ISBN:  9781938961533

Genre: Contemporary/Inspirational

Release date 11/15/2012

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A dark and malevolent force has invaded the normally tranquil world of Shenandoah County, a small, rural community located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
Emma Howard is living her dream. She has just graduated from veterinary school and returned to her hometown to accept a position as an equine veterinarian with her friend and mentor, Dr. Adam Waller. Best of all, her boyfriend and fellow veterinarian, Chase Reynolds, has accompanied her. Emma's dream soon turns into a nightmare as she and Chase become victims of escalating acts of hostility. Someone doesn't like the fact that Emma is dating a black man and is determined to put an end to it.
John "Cowboy" Howard, retired national rodeo champion and owner of Wild Pony Ranch, loves his daughter and will do anything to protect her. When the sheriff's office fails to produce results John launches his own investigation and finds himself chasing an elusive and relentless foe. Time is running out and John is forced to consider some questions for which he has no answers. How far will this bigot or hate group go in their harassment of Emma and Chase? Who could be behind this? A greedy developer who has his eye on Wild Pony Ranch? Zealous members of a local evangelical church? A white supremacist group?

Someone needs to find the answers before John's family and the community are ripped apart.




Author: Ronald Paxton

Print ISBN:     9781629891187

EBook ISBN:  9781629891194

Genre: Contemporary/Inspriational

Release Date 07/01/2014

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Hard times have descended upon Shenandoah County, Virginia. The paper mill has cut back to one shift and is barely hanging on. Businesses are closing, no longer able to attract customers. For Sale signs abound, reflecting the fear and desperation of homeowners. There are no buyers other than the bank which continues to fatten its portfolio of foreclosed properties.

When Richmond Lomax arrives in Shenandoah County the local citizens think they have found the answer to their prayers. Purportedly the scion of an old Virginia family, Mr. Lomax has big plans for this small county in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As CEO of Southeastern Land and Development Company, Lomax intends to build an exclusive five star resort and spa. The project will bring badly needed jobs to the county.

A problem soon emerges. The parcel of land the developer wants for his project is Wild Pony Ranch, and John "Cowboy" Howard, owner of the ranch, is not about to sell. John and his family quickly find themselves estranged from people in the community who blame the ranch owner for their plight. When the estrangement escalates to open hostility and violence John knows he needs to find the answers to some troubling questions:

Who is behind the violence directed at him and his family?
Who is Richmond Lomax and why does he want to build a luxurious resort in a small, rural county mired in a deep recession?
Where is Lomax getting the money for such an unlikely project?

John finds himself in a race against time as tensions mount and Shenandoah County stares into the abyss of moral and financial bankruptcy.


Deep Water

Author: Ronald Paxton

Print ISBN:      9781629890340

E-Book ISBN:  9781629890357

Genre: Contemporary/Inspirational

Release Date 12/15/2013

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Salem Matthews IV has come home to Shenandoah County, Virginia because he has nowhere else to go. A twenty year career in the U.S. Army Special Forces has provided him with a pension, healthcare benefits, and a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Salem has lost the ability and inclination to interact with people and is only interested in locking himself away from the world.

The peace and seclusion that Salem seeks is quickly shattered by converging forces that demand his attention. Travis Watson, a local realtor, has his eye on the magnificent lakefront home that Salem has inherited and is prepared to do whatever it takes to gain possession of it. Meanwhile, William Toms is trying to convince Salem to donate his property to the environmental group he represents.

When Salem makes it clear he has no intention of giving up his land he becomes the target of open hostility. As he begins to realize his life is in danger Salem sends out a call for reinforcements.

While he waits for help to arrive Salem draws on his military background to protect himself and the ones he loves. Time is running out and the person who wants to kill him remains a mystery. One man is already dead and Salem knows that he is next on the killer’s list.


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