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You should never judge a book by its cover. As well, you should never judge a writer by his bio. With that being said, Steven Spellman is writer for readers who enjoy stories of lust, of deception, stories of redemption, of love and stories of horrors. Born in East Orange, New Jersey, Steven Spellman has been a drug dealer, a prisoner, an armed felon, a college student, a father, a husband, a sinner, a saint. Like everyone else Steven Spellman has worn many hats, but never any so well fitted as a writer. His ongoing struggle with life is a personification of the fact that You Should Never Judge a Book by its Cover; you may miss the whole story.

Murder Beneath the Midnight Sun

Author: Steven Spellman

Print ISBN:    9781629891101

eBook ISBN:  9781629891118

Genre: Futuristic Suspense

Release Date 07/15/2014

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When a huge meteorite slams into the earth and moves the planet closer to the sun, a new age of wide spread drought and chaos ensues. Over a third of the planet’s population is wiped out in what becomes known as The Great Splash, and mankind is thrust backward into a new ice age.

Out of the rubble arises a city, the greatest city of the new world. Gongnam City.  Gongnam is filled with people driven to the brink of sanity with the heat of a sun that never sets for ten months out of the year. Electricity is scarce, crime is plentiful, and a group of highly trained detectives known as The Force is tasked with maintaining order in the city. When Michael Parkers, the most highly decorated amongst The Force’s detectives, takes an indefinite hiatus after a botched investigation, a new kind of criminal element begins to rise in Gongnam. A new element that threatens to bring the fledging civilization of Gongnam to its knees before it’s even begun. Now it’s a race against time as John Mesan, Parkers long time partner and friend, searches desperately for a way to lure Parkers back to the city and to the badge. But, will Parkers return in time to prove his mettle yet again, or will it be too late to combat this rising menace?


The Pruning

Author: Steven Spellman

Print ISBN:    9781629893501

eBook ISBN:  9781629893518

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Release Date 10/12/2015

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In the small quiet North Carolinian town of Newfield, strange things are beginning to happen, on the heels of a new arrival. A young woman with a puzzling past and a scandalous habit of constantly wearing wigs and long sleeves shirts despite the heat, soon has every one wondering what she is trying to hide? Trying desperately just to stage a fresh start in this small North Carolina town she eventually lands a promising job at a local bank branch. Things are starting to look up. 

But when more and more people begin suffering impossible demises, as a Supernatural phenomenon is starting to spread through town. The people are falling gradually into complete panic as this force disrupts their little town. While they have no idea as to what is happening, they are relentless in who to blame for their great misfortune. Befriended only by a fellow bank employee, she finds herself dragged into a spiral of chaos of literal Biblical proportions as the truth of the phenomenon that is “The Pruning” unfolds. Before it is over, the entire town—the entire world—will be familiar with the phenomenon.


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