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Susan Kite was born in Indiana, but because her father was in the Army, she moved extensively during her growing up years. The post library was the first place she found after a move, avidly reading the works of Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey, J.R.R. Tolkein and many others. In her teens, she dabbled in writing, creating stories based on characters from her favorite TV shows. (Today that’s called fan fiction!) With college and marriage, writing was mostly put on hold.

That changed about fifteen years ago when the writing bug bit again. For a decade fan fiction was the main focus, but this provided practice and helped develop skills needed to write original works. A visit to the Mission San Luis Rey in California in 2001 and subsequent research became the catalyst to write her first novel, My House of Dreams. A fantasy short story was included in an anthology published in 2013 called aMUSEing Tales. Another short story won second place in an online contest.

The author earned her Bachelor’s degree in secondary English and followed that up with a Master’s degree in Instructional Media at Utah State University. She has worked in public school libraries for over thirty years, most recently in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ms. Kite has been married to the love of her life, Daniel, for over 35 years. They have two children and six grandchildren and are owned by two bossy cats and an opinionated chiweenie-terrier.

The Mendel Experiment

Author: Susan  Kite

Hardback ISBN:   9781629892481

Paperback ISBN:  9781629892498

eBook ISBN:         9781629892290

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 04/15/2015

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The Federation is desperate for the rare materials probes have detected on Mendel, but the system’s blue sun is deadly to humans. The solution? Create a race of young mutated humans who can live and work on the planet.

Corree has successfully led her small group of forest mutants for five years.  Then the weird dreams begin. They disclose the group’s previously suppressed memories and lead her on a search to find other mutants. When her quest takes her to the desert, Corree discovers a sinister plot as well as a terrifying enemy—one that will carry her far beyond Mendel’s solar system.  

Blue Fire

The Mendel Experiment Part Two

Author: Susan Kite

Hardback ISBN:  9781629894096

Paperback ISBN: 9781629894102

eBook ISBN:         9781629894119

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 12/14/2015

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The Federation begins sending experimental robots to Mendel; robots that have the ability to withstand the planet’s elements better than any previously sent. They have orders to persuade the mutant settlers to comply with Federation orders and any mutants who do not will be hunted and destroyed. 

Even without the threat of robots, Corree’s future is still uncertain. After making it back home to Mendel, she is again abducted and sent to the Federation home planet for study. Remembering past experiences on the science station where she was created, Corree has a pretty good idea what that means. Even with all the mutant abilities at her disposal, she doesn’t know how she can escape this time.




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