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BC Jackson lives and works in the heart of Illinois. He has been writing since childhood and has published several short stories in the horror/supernatural genre. The son of a psychic, BC has always been interested in the supernatural, though he did not inherit any of his father's abilities. BC is married with two children.


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Kentucky Alley

Author: B. C. Jackson

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895550

eBook ISBN: 9781629895567

Genre: Thriller

Release Date 10/31/2016

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On a beautiful day in Marion Creek, all of Detective John "Bucky" Buchanan's training is put to the test. Though he walks out of the infamous Kentucky Alley alive, he quickly realizes that ending another life, even when justified, is only the beginning. As his thoughts are invaded by the dead man's voice and the line between his nightmares and reality blur, he finds himself in another battle of life and death.



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