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Clayton Callahan made his living principally in the “uniforms and guns” professions for most of his life. Just out of high school in the 80s, he served in the US Navy with an anti-terrorist unit in the Persian Gulf. After 9/11 he enlisted in the US Army and is now an Iraq War veteran twice over. Between active-duty deployments, he’s worked as a deputy sheriff, a correctional officer, and as a federal special agent for US Army Counterintelligence (lots of great stories there, can’t tell any of them).

His first novel, Tales of The Screaming Eagle, was released by Double Dragon Publishing in June 2014. He has also published a non-fiction book, The Writer’s Guide to Adventurous Professions that gives fiction writers a feel for the varied careers he’s worked in. In the summer of 2015, readers can look forward to his second novel, The Adventures of Crazy Liddy, to be released, again by Double Dragon.

Clayton has published a role-playing game called Star Run as well as a miniatures game titled Battlefields: from Broadswords to Bullets. When not writing books or games, he’s written short stories for the e-magazine Perihelion, and his story Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow has been published in the anthology How Beer Saved the World, by Sky Warrior Press.


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Red Coat Running

Author: Clayton J. Callahan

Hardback ISBN: 9781629892948

Print ISBN:         9781629892955

eBook ISBN:       9781629892962

Genre: Historical Spy

Release Date 07/15/2015

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Europe, 1948 

It’s the Cold War…day one and nobody knows what the rules are. This is especially true for the Americans, who don’t even have a working national spy agency yet. Into the shadows steps Agent Shawn Riggs of the US Army Counterintelligence Corps. He’s a soldier on a mission; catch a renegade MI6 agent, code name “Red Coat,” before the commie traitor can reach Moscow.  

But the mission isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Soon, Shawn finds himself caught deep in communist territory, chased by the secret police and wanted for desertion by his own army.  

Red Coat Running is Clayton J. Callahan’s first spy novel since retiring from the US Army where he served as a Counterintelligence Special Agent in Iraq.



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