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Dave Henry has been a writer, reporter, and editor for more than 25 years and has won several awards. He has written for newspapers, magazines and a variety of other outlets, covering news, sports, as well as various trades and industries. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two sons. Dave is an avid sports fan. He is also a big fan of both science fiction and comedy – two passions that have come together in Turtle Island, his second novel.



Turtle Island

Author: Dave Henry

Paperback ISBN:  9781629896670

eBook ISBN: 9781629896687

Genre: YA Sci Fi Comedy Adventure

Release Date 04/10/2017

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While driving through Boston on their way to summer vacation, the Masters family takes a wrong turn into the Ted Williams Tunnel and shoots through a portal to a place called Turtle Island. Turtle Island is an alternative version of America which diverged from our history before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. Some 400 years later, the Masters family -- Mom, Dad, 16 year old Max, and 10 year old Tessa -- from West Maple, Mass., were brought through the tunnel to Turtle Island by the leader of a rival nation, Augustine, for a very specific reason. They are Equivalents, people who have the exact same lineage in both Turtle Island and America, thus they look the same in both worlds. The Masters family just so happens to be the Equivalents of the ruthless dictator of Turtle Island, President Donald T. Masters and his family. A plan by Augustine leader Sheila Saxon to conduct a silent coup by kidnapping President Masters and his family and replacing them with their Equivalents, the unassuming Masters' from West Maple, goes awry. The Masters family is forced to participate in the Survival Games, a brutal competition where criminals compete for their freedom. Their fate, and the fate of Turtle Island, rests on whether or not they survive the Survival Games.



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