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Australian writer Deva Shore is an award winning short story author, poet and children’s writer whose work has been published worldwide. She was thrilled to have had a ten minute play titled, ‘Why Mummy,’ produced in Sydney, Australia and has also been a feature writer with Burial Day Books in the US and Little Raven Publishing in Australia.

Deva is a voracious writer writing in most genres. Secrets of the Tomb was written while completing her Diploma in Writing and Editing at Adult Education Centre in Melbourne.

Deva has three amazing daughters, three and a half grandchildren who are the loves of her life and adores surf fishing with her partner Mick at their beachside haven.

Secrets of the Tomb

Author: Deva Shore

Print ISBN:   9781629892245

eBook ISBN: 9781629892252

Genre: YA Suspense

Release Date 04/01/2015

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Natasha has been struggling with life these last few years since putting on weight but Tilia struggled even harder. Essentially murdered by being deliberately locked in a tomb with her Princess, Zenithia, Tilia resurfaces when Natasha seeks help through hypnosis to lose her massive burden.

Discovering her lost past is mind blowing but being invited to participate at an excavation site in Egypt with a team of Australian Archeologists is a dream come true. What Natasha discovers is something no one else can envisage with the exception of Brandon; they’ve known all along what the others will find impossible to comprehend.



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