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I was pretty sure that I’d starve as a writer, so I closed my notebook after college and spent fifty years doing other things. It was enjoyably haphazard, with an original wife, two children and five grandchildren as proof of life.

Post university (BS Illinois) I got paid to be a Naval officer specializing in diving and bomb-disarming; a reporter for the Providence, Rhode Island Journal; a foreign intelligence specialist (interpret that however you like); and an international sales and marketing executive for two pulp and paper companies. I acquired an MBA from NYU with the idea that I'd frog hop companies on my way to the top, but wound up staying with the same company for a quarter century.

I've lived and worked in Germany, Finland, Japan and England, and traveled to another seventy countries. I speak German, French and (very bad) Japanese.

Having circled back around to writing I guess the first shall also be last. My focus is on fantasy, horror, science fiction and folk and fairy tales, almost all of which (about sixty) have been accepted for on-line or print publication. The folk and fairy tales were issued as a book The Witch Made Me Do It by Gypsy Shadow Publications. And, of course, this book. When I run out of fantasy ideas I write literary fiction and poetry.

The Witches' Bane

Author: Edward Ahern

Print ISBN:   9781629892535

eBook ISBN: 9781629892542

Genre: Suspense

Release Date 05/15/2015

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Gordon Lormor is a defrocked priest and con man. And something more. He treads a path between light and dark magic, a risky journey he avoids unless he's required to take it.

But his ex girlfriend makes a fear-laced telephone call to him, pleading that he come to Vermont and free her from a witches' coven. Gordon leaves his business, Profane Possibilities, in the care of his assistant and drives north.

Death arrives before he does, and Gordon tasks himself with solving the murder and eradicating the coven. As his situation worsens he asks for help from both his decidedly unfeminine assistant AJ and a Catholic cardinal.

Death revisits often as Gordon, joined by AJ, picks open the protective scab the witches have clotted over their activities. He teeters further and further over the edges of physical and spiritual death as he struggles to prevent infant sacrifice and solve the murder of the woman he had loved.




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