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About the Author

Elizabeth is a native Southern Californian who grew up in Orange County where she married and raised three sons while owning and managing an escrow corporation. She moved to Northern California in the early nineties with her two dogs and later to North Carolina where she now lives with her cats Tom and Mitzy. Elizabeth is the mother of three sons and grandmother of nine grandchildren. She is a watercolor artist and frequently contributes her ultra-conservative political thoughts on blogs.



The Portable Hole

Author: Elizabeth Jenan-Dickman

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Genre: YA Adventure/Suspense

Release Date to be determined


A vicious killer escapes from Folsom prison and is heading toward the home of fifteen- year- old Kathryn Lee Draper. Suddenly orphaned when her parents die in a horrible tractor accident, she is alone on the farm and vulnerable.  

But KD has a secret weapon. 

THE PORTABLE HOLE An odd transparent object formed by strings that oscillate in multiple directions, including time and space, and create a gravitational pull through which she can pass into a new dimension. And through which comes a mystical big brown protection dog, named Bear. 

Bear is by KD's side throughout the years, and she considers him to be her dog. Eventually, she must accept that Bear never ages and comes from an earlier century by traveling through the Portable Hole, and someday he will want to go home.



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