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Born in Montreal and raised outside Toronto, Ontario, Erik Daniel Boudreau grew up surrounded by a wealth of cultural diversity, a source of inspiration for much of his writing today. After the publication of his first novel, the thriller Tidal Force, in 2013, Erik sought to bring the same fast pace and suspense to the fantasy genre, creating the world of Mystic Pursuit, book one of The Inner Realm trilogy. 

When not busy writing, he's either working as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, traveling, exercising, or relaxing at home with his wife, their daughter, and their cat, near Chicago.


Mystic Pursuit

The Inner Realm Book 1

Author: Erik Daniel Boudreau

Paperback ISBN: 9781629894614

eBook ISBN: 9781629894621

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date 05/30/2016

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It was a world like our own, in an age lost to time. For millennia, humans co-existed peacefully with three distinct orders of sentient beings, or mystics, each helping to maintain balance by governing either life, matter or spiritual energy. Overseeing this was one solitary being, the Voduss Grei--the Gray Mystic. Acting upon a premonition of the world's end, the last of the Gray Mystics, Noryssin, decimated a peaceful human village, setting off thirty years of chaos. Lakos, one of the few survivors from the tragedy, emerged seeking revenge against not only the Voduss Grei, but all mystics. Caught in the conflict was Thayliss, a human who had spent his life living peacefully among the Ohlinn, or spirit-mystics. Finding his adoptive family murdered and himself exiled from the only community he had ever known, Thayliss must try to stop Lakos from his plot to control all mystic orders and assume the throne of the Voduss Grei.



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