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J. Kariuki is a Kenyan writer, slowly—but not eagerly—pushing through his early twenties. Life has to him acquired some strange sense of purpose that has so far been sated in the world of literature. The perceived boring life and look of an author kept him from dreaming of writing as a boy. But growing older, life more secluded, the imagined became more prominent.

From his earliest made-up story at four (a fierce fist-fight between a ghost and a giant that ended in the sudden deaths of both), his interests have always been in horror and the fantastique. The 'Goosebumps' series, by R.L. Stine was his favorite as a child. Now, as a grown up, apart from the sheer thrill of a story, his aim in literature is to provide something more to the reader, be it hope ('HNH', or 'Hope And Horror,' as he sometimes call it), or some mirror of our lives through his characters and their situations: we are all connected, aren't we, and can learn through another's circumstances.

So, enjoy.

But, be warned, not every story carries hope.



Author: J. Kariuki

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895765

eBook ISBN: 9781629895772

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Release Date 11/21/2016

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A former foster child now car washer, Stan, harbors dreams of professional photography. The baffling peeling of his flesh, however, magnified by dire poverty and a thieving lover, worsens the reticent twenty-seven-year-old's situation: after a painful day at the car wash and later in the city taking photographs, Stan is overcome by the accruing pain in his flesh.

He rushes into an alley to hide his disgrace. But there, his seclusion proves fatal: after a chase and a brutal assault by the homeless of the alleys, Stan discovers mysteries held by his flesh, whereupon are two dead vagabonds, new flesh and a contract from a chummy photo agent.

All indications now point to wealth, joy, and fulfillment; but instead, what follows Stan are revelations, heartbreak, death, absorbed flesh and a livid creature of fire.



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