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I was born in Warren, Ohio in 1967. After graduating from Chalker High School in Southington, Ohio, I earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Kent State University. I currently live with my wife and three sons in Girard, Ohio.

Writing, along with drawing and painting, has been my passion since I was young. I currently have two paintings on permanent display at the Girard Free Public Library, where I also yearly display my latest works of art. As for writing, I enjoy creating a variety of stories, varying from steampunk and romance to young adult works. My one other passion is for soccer. I currently am the proud coach of an amazing soccer team for autistic and special needs kids.




Author: Jeffery Martin Botzenhart

Paperback ISBN: 9781629896618

eBook ISBN:9781629896625

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date 04/10/2017

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To resist living the life one is meant for is to exist as a mere ghost of one’s self. Thus is the dilemma with the collision of the four characters in Resist. The beautiful spy wonders over her true identity after falling spellbound for a handsome young musician, hiding himself away from the torment of his peers. An unwilling assassin, posing as a student, succumbs to the captivating charms of one of his intended victims. Is his target’s identity real or simply an enchanting façade?

Only through escape will these characters find the strength to live their lives unhindered by deceptions, both thrust upon them and self-imposed. However, danger awaits those willing to cross this threshold. Will each one risk all in finding the courage to destroy the walls they have remained hidden behind or will they resist the chance for a life worth living?






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