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John Andes was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, and received a degree in philosophy from Brown University.  His business career started in New York and was focused on advertising and marketing. He has two adult sons, is retired, and lives on the Florida Gulf Coast. He coaches little league football, teaches creative writing, and mentors small business owners. John has authored Farmer in the Tal, H.A., Suffer the Children, Icarus, Matryoshka, Jacob's Ladder, Loose Ends, Control is Jack, Revenge, Adventures in House Sitting, and Skull Stacker.

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Adventures in House Sitting

Author: John Andes

Hardback ISBN: 9781629893075

Print ISBN:         9781629893082

eBook ISBN:       9781629893099

Genre: Thriller

Release Date 08/15/2015

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Thomas Jenkins is a house sitter in Belleair, a tony town within the tony city of Clearwater on Florida’s West Coast.  He sits in homes of the rich and powerful when they want to go away for extended weekends or vacations. Thomas Jenkins is a man who embraces the present only if he can maintain a tight grasp on the joys of the past. He is a child of the sixties.  One night, while walking the dog of a client, he discovers the mutilated body of a woman. A few days later, Tom discovers a hit and run victim, Donnielle Weaver, whom he helps recover from the incident…not an accident.  She is a reporter for the Clearwater Clarion with a connection to the murdered woman. Thus, begins his journey into the dark world of multiple murders, corruption, exploitation, and drug trafficking. Disinterested at first, he becomes more involved in Donnielle’s search for the truth; truth about two powerful members of Belleair society and illegal immigrants. As the search expands, the interconnected intrigue intensifies. The investigation reveals a force that will go to any measure to protect itself.  Random and unconnected violence is not random and unconnected. All during the journey, Thomas’s house sitting provides new perspectives into the world of the privileged. 



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