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John Reinhard Dizon was born and raised in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. He participated in local and high school sports at Bishop Loughlin MHS, and was a key figure on the Brooklyn rock scene during the Punk Revolution of the 70's. Relocating to San Antonio TX in the 80's, he moonlighted as a pro wrestler before pursuing a BA at UTSA and degrees in Korean martial arts during the 90's. He currently lives in KC MO where he is studying for his MA in English at UMKC. Mr. Dizon has been studying and writing about American and European society and culture for over twenty-five years.

Standard II - The Citadel

Author: John Reinhard Dizon

Print ISBN:  9781629892665

eBook ISBN: 9781629892672

Genre: International Thriller

Release Date 06/15/2015

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Standard II – The Citadel is the second installment of the series featuring MI6 agent William Shanahan and undercover operative Jack Gawain. Once again Great Britain is called upon by the American President to join in an effort to neutralize an international terrorist threat. Escalating tensions within the Russian Federation lead experts to believe there is a conspiracy to destabilize its Western rivals. A mysterious arms smuggling gang known as the Citadel is suspected of bringing arms into the US for a series of terror attacks. Shanahan and Gawain are teamed with EUROPOL agent Lucretia Corcosa in an effort to infiltrate the ring and assassinate its leaders.








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