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Leonard Tate worked as a systems engineer for an aerospace company. His love of the industry led him to dabble in astronomy and the making of telescopes. He designed and built a house and a couple of sailboats. His hobbies include water color painting, skiing and playing tennis.


The Invader: Foce Majeure

Author: Leonard Tate

Print ISBN:    9781629892719

eBook ISBN:  9781629892726

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 07/01/2015

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A rogue planet is speeding its way towards the inner solar system, destined to become a hot Jupiter, flinging rocky planets and their inhabitants into the deep freeze of interstellar space.

A crash project sends astronauts to resettle on another planet. There is no time to terraform a planet, it must already be habitable. In fact the chosen planet has intelligent life. A CEO expects to be the dictator of the colony and new planet, a disaster in the making.

An avaricious and self-absorbed head of sales wants it all right now, and won't hesitate to sabotage the CEO, the mission, her husband, or anyone else who interferes with her wishes.

The species heroically survived a super-volcanic eruption and a genetic experiment gone awry and thus perfected is destined to spread itself throughout the galaxy. An agency of the deep state unleashed a virus to alter the DNA of individuals who could potentially impede its reach, turning them docile and obedient to the Agency.

As catastrophe nears, work, education, and careers offer fewer incentives. Law and order break down.



Arrival of the Gods

Author: Leonard Tate

Print ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date to be determined


The charismatic ego, like the universe, inflates until it either shatters or collapses. It weaves its seductive image that, like a powerful magnet, draws in a willing crowd to follow it to its inevitable denouement, all of them enthusiastic participants in their own deception. War, environmental destruction and invasive species, climate change, diseases, hunger, the many problems that plague mankind must succumb to magical solutions, reduced to mere petty annoyances, inconvenient obstacles to a vital cause that must be ruthlessly defended. How then shall the elites of a declining civilization maintain their control and hold society together? By inspired, charismatic leadership? At the point of a gun? By deception? But what if there is a seed, another way, the germ of a new social order waiting for the right soil to emerge and flower?



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