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Patrick W. Emmett is a retired automotive manufacturer executive and consultant who lived and traveled extensively throughout the Deep South. He has published A Second Chance, surviving Sudden Cardiac Death and Quick Serve. Both books are available at He has also published several short stories and essays in the New Letters Press at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Patrick lives in Overland Park, Kansas with his wife, two of his three adult children a son-in-law, a grandchild and a black lab named Shelby. He is active in the community as Chairman of the Heart of America Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association. He frequently gives speeches to community clubs and organizations on the subject of heart health and how to save a life with CPR. He frequently parades with his Mustang and he and his wife are active with the Art of the Car Concours, a charity benefiting the Kansas City Art Institute Scholarship Fund.

Golf is his insane escape, writing is his passion.



Bitcoin Bluz

Author: Patrick W. Emmett

Hardback ISBN:  9781629894157

Paperback ISBN: 9781629894164

eBook ISBN:         9781629894171

Genre: Crime/Suspense

Release Date 1/18/2016

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Louisiana Cajun Annette Dupart is head strong and self-confident, and has experienced many crazy things during her workplace travels throughout the Deep South. However, the theft of a Mercedes, the embezzlement of thousands of Bitcoins, people dressed as gaming avatars, gruesome murders, and Corsican gangsters were not on her docket as she flew into the Atlanta International Airport.

What she discovers is an entangled web of murders, a slew of video-game addicts living avatar lives, and corrupt investment club members who are stealing the internet currency known as Bitcoins. Annette and video game junkie Vijay Singh join forces at a video gaming convention in an effort to keep one step ahead of a Corsican crime mob’s pursuit. Will Annette and Vijay survive the convention’s hijinks, evade the mob, and bring the criminals to justice? For Annette, it is an exciting and exhausting case of the Bitcoin Bluz!

Bitcoin Bluz is fiction but the drama surrounding the world of Bitcoins is real. Bitcoins are virtual money found only on the internet and are not regulated by any governmental agency. The value of Bitcoins goes up and down wildly. Recently, a Bitchain server, Mt. Gox in Tokyo, was compromised and several hundred thousand Bitcoins simply disappeared. The chairman was found dead at her apartment.




Bayou Bluz

Author: Patrick W. Emmett

Paperback ISBN: 9781629896014

eBook ISBN:  9781629896021

Genre: Crime/Suspense

Release Date 12/19/2016

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A car dealer, Leonard deGrasso is found dead in the bayous of a Louisiana swamp. The owners have asked that the firm of LeDuc and Johnson manage the company until a new buyer can be found. Wolf LeDuc, Annette Dupart and Ezra Johnson soon find themselves caught up in a business that has stolen vehicles, missing cash and employees turning up dead.

Wolf is savagely attacked in the French Quarter and is rescued by a man who calls himself Smith de Black Fox. Later, Wolf’s girlfriend is also attacked and critically wounded. When his cousin, Annette Dupart is kidnapped, Wolf and de Black Fox follow a lead that takes them to a dilapidated sugar plantation in the Atchafalaya swamps near New Iberia, Louisiana.

The author, Patrick W. Emmett is a retired automobile executive who has seen both the best and the seedy underbelly of the car dealership business. Take your time to enjoy a trip to New Orleans and a tale dipped in southern honey. Enjoy reading as bullets fly and people cry, all leading to a case of the Bayou Bluz.

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