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A lover of Classical music and Broadway Shows. Research started as a hobby, then turned into a means to an end…writing. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA until winters got too cold, then transplanted into the Sunshine State…no snow to shovel, no layering of clothing, and no ice to slip on. Florida also has four seasons, Somewhat warm, Warm, Hot and OMG!

The Cost of Evil

Author: R. Gian Sante

Print ISBN:   9781629894003

eBook ISBN: 9781629894010

Genre: Thriller

Release Date 11/02/2015

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You feel your throat tightening, it’s difficult to breathe; you realize the loud banging in your ears is the pounding of your heart. Fear has gone up a notch … its new name is ‘Terror’. Too often terror wears the mantle of religion because nothing makes pseudo martyrs like loud, false religious fervor. When a two legged Scorpion invades Washington and New York it has a deadly sting that claims many lives, but unlike the eight legged arachnid with its neurotoxic venom, the human Scorpion selects its victims and carries out its preconceived plan to the horror of the CIA and FBI.



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