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I reside in a remote log cabin away from civilization in a part of the Cherokee National Forest of the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee.

I have written many engineering books and other fiction but this is my first science fiction and it is geared towards teens and young adults. My last book was an auto biography of my life as a youngster during WWII.

I’m a Senior Electrical and Mechanical Design Analyst. I have worked on most military equipment in my lifetime including missiles, avionics, navigation and targeting pods, armored fighting vehicles, all types of communication equipment, Orion spacecraft, shallow water combat submersibles and ships.

I have learned to respect and protect the earth for the survival of mankind and for our children.



The New World - Return to Earth

Author: Ron Hanifan

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895109

eBook ISBN: 9781629895116

Genre: YA Sci Fi

Release Date to be determined: 08/15/2016

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Terrorism, insurrection, gangs, betrayals and cosmic perils will not stop Eugene and Cassie in their attempt to save humanity from asteroid impacts that threaten to destroy their domed city and the Earth. Their city, Orion, is the only habitable place left on Earth because of past wars. Humans have lived in a symbiotic relationship with robots for thousands of years and life is perfect. There are no wars, sicknesses, poverty or hunger and the robots perform all labor. Humans have become docile because of DNA modifications that removed survival instincts and other undesirable traits. Eugene and Cassie have unlimited knowledge and have had no DNA modifications enhancing their survival in their quest to populate the stars but first they must learn many new skills.



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