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Sam Smith was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1981 where he was raised and graduated high school. Soon after he moved to Brazil for two years. During his time in South America he learned to speak Portuguese, became familiar with the culture, made many friends and developed a love for the people. Returning to his hometown in Utah he continued his education and earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah. While studying he became inspired by J.K. Rowling and Orson Scott Card, naturally the Heroes in Waiting story began to grow within his imagination. With the help of his beautiful wife, Sam juggled school, work and two young boys. Despite his busy schedule he couldn’t help but put his thoughts to words. While enjoying hiking and camping, and even scuba diving thought of the characters Adis and Erica would occupy his mind, constantly lending more inspiration.


A Father's Curse

Author: Sam Smith

Print ISBN:    9781629892764

eBook ISBN:  9781629892771

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date 7/15/2015

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In a world where Gidon, a charismatic leader becomes a dictator, with powers no one can stop, society crumbles. When his agenda crushes the people, halts technology and punishes invention the people live in fear and struggle to survive. But when his secret is revealed, a son with power greater than his fathers, will his son be corrupted by power too? Can the rebels kill the infant to avoid his genetic skills and a future worse than their present? Or can they raise him to rule as their puppet, to crush his father and any opponents to their cause? In the rebel councils, only one man believes that a child with such potential can be raised for peace, and Simon whisks young Adis away. 

At seventeen, Adis is the physical image of his father, Gidon; tall and strong beyond his years, but raised in a loving home he has learned to be happy and selfless like his new father, Avery. Adis has learned to use his powers to help on the farm, keep his family fed, and his special sight has kept them all safely hidden from the rest of the world...until today. Following Gidon's assassination, warring factions split the country apart and roving bands of hired marauders terrorize any resistance. All of them are looking for the power of the lost heir. When the farm is attacked and Adis is forced to fight for those he loves, his power takes him to new heights, it's so easy for him to kill even though he's never been taught combat. Will this finally be the genetic trigger that sets him on a path to power or will his heart be changed so that he can change the world around him? 

When they realize that Avery has been kidnapped, Adis must use his powers, and builds them to unimaginable force to save the father of his heart. With two unlikely companions he sets off on an adventure across the landscape of the country he's never seen into the heart of the darkest fortress on the edge of the world. He must seal his fate and test the limits of his powers at the center of the mountains maze of tunnels, in the very hands of the leader of The Blood, the highly trained warrior army still in great power after Gidon's rein. The Blood want Adis to be their servant in power, or to kill him in the attempt to cage him. Adis and his companions must fight in ways The Blood has never seen to free his father and escape the mountain. Adis must come to terms with his real father's evil and his inherited gifts, and prove that he may be Gidon's blood, but he is truly Avery's son. Even if they escape, can they run forever? Can they defeat the dreaded Blood and begin the new fight to save the country that Gidon destroyed? Find out in this thrilling tale of power, adventure, and love.



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