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Sean van der Wath grew up in a small rural town in the heart of South Africa. After graduating from High School he took up a career in the mining industry, where he works in until this day. He has been an avid reader of mainly science fiction and horror novels from a young age and started opening the door to his own creative writing intent in his early twenties, writing mostly in his spare time. He currently lives in Rustenburg, South Africa, with his fiancé and two kids. Coincide will be his second published project.




Author: Sean van der Wath

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895413

eBook ISBN: 9781629895420

Genre: Thriller

Release Date 10/10/2016

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Brandon Hilton grips the city of Lexington in the dark clutches of fear as he terrorizes numerous families by abducting and murdering their children using an alter ego he created called “Funny Face”.

However, Brandon’s plans could be in jeopardy as his seventh and final target, a boy named Liam Grace, starts seeing Brandon execute his horrendous deeds in his dreams. Liam’s father, who is the lead detective on Brandon’s case works against the clock to put an end to the killings.

But through plain ruthlessness and determination Brandon edges ever closer to victory. However, what Brandon finds at the end of his perceived success is a truth so profound it changes everything he believes in and forces upon him a mandatory spiritual and physical transformation…



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