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Shawn Hirsch received his Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State University, where he studied Communications and Creative Writing.  He has earned his living as a legal writer, an engineer, and a soldier in the U.S. Army. He is a veteran of the Iraq war.  He currently lives in Texas with his wife and two boys.



The Staff of Shadows

Author: Shawn Hirsch

Paperback ISBN:  9781629894676

eBook ISBN:  9781629894683

Genre: YA Fantasy Suspense

Release Date 06/06/2016

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Alastar has fallen under the control of the Gray Necromancer and his Staff of Shadows. The power of the Staff, which imprisons an ancient and evil spirit, has allowed the Necromancer to drain the life from everything in his domain, transforming everyone into Shadows who serve him even after death.

After Paul falls into a mysterious painting in his Uncle Charlie's attic, he finds himself in Alastar, where he manages to survive the Necromancer's desert, and is taken in by an old and defeated Sorceress Queen. Is Paul the one foretold by the Seers of Alastar many centuries ago? Can he master the eight paths of the Sorcery of Light, and destroy the Staff of Shadows?



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