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Timothy W. Ayers is a retired pastor, recovering cartoonist and now full-time writer. After years of success writing bestselling Young Adult fiction, Rev. Ayers turned his attention to action thrillers. Utilizing his biblical training and strong network of authorities on his topics, Ayers writes fast moving stories filled compelling and believable characters that battle their fears, failures and faith. Tim now lives along the mighty Mississippi River where he is busy loving his grandchildren and working on his Lego building skills when not turning out new works.


The Sign of the End

Author: Timothy W. Ayers

Print ISBN:   9781629894263

eBook ISBN: 9781629894270

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 2/15/2016

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Jesus' disciples asked the same question that lays in every heart: What is the sign of the end of times? Driven by the quest for fame and power, Father John Russo, Rev. T.N. Thompson and bio-geneticist, Matthew MacDonald create a human clone from the DNA of Jesus. Into a world that is desperate for peace, answers and prosperity comes a spiritual leader like no other.

This modern day Christ's following expands rapidly and for the next three years the world changes. But MacDonald knew there was something wrong, something missing and something dark lurking in the shadows. After threatening to reveal the clone's true nature to the world, MacDonald is hunted across a global landscape, littered with bodies, in order to silence him before he reveals the truth that can stop the prophesied end.




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