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From a very early age, writing was my passion. When I was ten I wrote my first full book, which my schoolteacher wanted to publish. And in my early twenties, I published a book of short stories with Janus Publishing Company.

 When I married and began raising my children, I used freelance journalism as a channel through which to quench my creativity. And it wasn’t until I was thirty that I finally took a degree, followed by a masters in Social Policy and Criminology.

My love of crime fiction and TV dramas is what inspired my first novel, A Chilling Fate. Maturity, along with the fulfilment I’ve obtained through having a wonderful husband and four fantastic children, has made me more confident as a writer. I still watch the dramas. But now I have my own stories to create.

A Chilling Fate

Author: Tracy Gorman

Hardback ISBN: 9781629892450

Print ISBN:         9781629892467

eBook ISBN:       9781629892474

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release Date 05/01/2015

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Something is going on at the Debden Estate and journalist Emma Blake is determined to uncover what it is. Since the death of her sister there ten years ago, she’s been tortured by nightmares and feelings of guilt. And now her father’s been attacked there, her sister’s pendant found lodged in his throat. Can the connection be merely coincidence?

When she discovers that the death of another young girl possesses striking similarities, Emma begins to wonder if her sister was involved with a criminal gang. And when the sample of a powerful new drug is discovered, along with the existence of a mafia style don, known only as The Boss, things start to get complicated. Danger is escalating and Emma herself is being followed.

If she is to unravel the web of crime that threatens to engulf the estate, Emma must strengthen her allegiance with DC Tyler, a smart London detective brought in from the Homicide and Special Crimes Unit. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more she is forced to gamble with her safety. Will she make it out of London alive? Or will she succumb to the same chilling fate as her sister.


A Fitting Finale

Author: Tracy Gorman

Hardback ISBN: 9781629894751

Print ISBN: 9781629894768

eBook ISBN: 9781629894775

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release Date 06/13/2016

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It’s been five years since journalist Emma Blake helped catch one of London’s most notorious criminals. But it’s an achievement that’s made her many enemies. So, when she finds herself back on the Debden Estate, tasked with a seemingly impossible assignment, she knows she has to be careful. Danger could be lurking around any corner.

When an anonymous note arrives through her door, she can’t be sure of its intention. But when a series of gruesome murders are discovered, starting on the day of her arrival, the timing just seems too much of a coincidence. Has The Boss found a way to exact his revenge from the confines of his prison cell? Or is someone merely toying with her?

When fate leads her to her old ally, DS Tyler, she is lured into a familiar sense of security. But the Boss has one final trick up his sleeve. A terrifying game that will rock the borough of Debden to its very core. Will he succeed and get his crowning moment of glory? Or can Emma escape his deadly advances once and for all?



A Natural Killer?

Author: Tracy Gorman

Hardback ISBN:

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release Date to be determined


A brutal murder, a callous killer and a wall of silence.  DI Rose’s new case contains all the elements of a classic homicide. Except:

The victim is an elderly lady.

The pathologist has branded mode of death ‘unusual.’

There is no forensic evidence. 

Frustrated by the lack of any real leads, Rose finds herself drawn to a box of files in the victim’s home. Are its subjects somehow connected to the old lady’s death? If so, what secrets could be terrible enough to justify such a violent murder? 

Before Rose’s questions can be answered, a second dead body is discovered. She finds herself under pressure to solve the case. But her list of suspects is only getting longer: and whilst she is certain that the killer lurks among them, they all seem intent on misleading her. How can she determine who’s guilty, when she is struggling to tell the truth from the lies? 

As the investigation progresses, Rose begins to suspect a conspiracy. For as one dead-end evaporates, another appears. A scary picture is unravelling: one infinitely darker than she’d imagined. Can she assemble the puzzle pieces and identify the killer? As she finally gets close to the truth, Rose is forced to put herself in the firing line.


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