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English teacher by day, Val Muller spends her days analyzing literature—and spends her nights writing it. She pens tales in multiple genres and has been writing since first grade. She is the author of the children’s mystery series Corgi Capers, the horror novel Faulkner’s Apprentice, the young adult novel The Scarred Letter (a reboot of Hawthorne’s original), and dozens of short stories and articles. She lives with her husband Eric in Virginia and is owned by two corgis, Leia and Yoda. You can learn more at and, and you can follow Val on Facebook and Twitter.



The Man With the Crystal Ankh

Author: Val Muller

Print ISBN:  9781629895970

eBook ISBN:  9781629895987

Genre: YA Thriller

Release Date 12/12/2016


Everyone’s heard the legend of the hollow oak—the four-hundred year curse of Sarah Willlougby and Preston Grymes. Few realize how true it is.

Sarah Durante awakens to find herself haunted by the spirit of her high school’s late custodian. After the death of his granddaughter, Custodian Carlton Gray is not at peace. He suspects a sanguisuga is involved—an ancient force that prolongs its own life by consuming the spirits of others. Now, the sanguisuga needs another life to feed its rotten existence, and Carlton wants to spare others from the suffering his granddaughter endured. That’s where Sarah comes in. Carlton helps her understand that she comes from a lineage of ancestors with the ability to communicate with the dead. As Sarah hones her skill through music, she discovers that the bloodlines of Hollow Oak run deep. The sanguisuga is someone close, and only she has the power to stop it.

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