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Author Aleksey Olkhovenko

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About the Author


Aleksey Olkhovenko was born in Uzbekistan and currently lives in New York City. He is an emerging fantasy author with a love for fictional worlds, which originates in his childhood love for reading. Aleksey’s debut novella takes place in one of these worlds—a land called Charthosk—where former secret agent Hans gets kidnapped and where he must face his troubled past.

When not writing, Aleksey is a nationally-ranked public speaker for his school’s speech and debate team and one belt away from becoming a black belt in Taekwondo. As a debut author, Aleksey is working on larger projects, including the completion of a full-length novel. Though new to the craft, he writes every day to hone it, improving his prose and getting better at crafting stories with his unique voice.

His Lonely Roar


Author: Aleksey Olkhovenko

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261860

eBook ISBN: 9798891261877

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 5/6/2024

The train of time forever carries sins and blunders. Hans Eindride learns this all too well when he is kidnapped back into the magical land of Charthosk. On the orders of a mysterious guardian, who believes Hans had stolen something valuable to Charthosk’s people, Hans is snatched from his monotonous station master job and threatened with death.

A human trapped in a land where he never belonged, Hans’ memories of his troubled past in Charthosk begin to crush him. As the ceremony to sacrifice the guardian nears, Hans’ only option is to reconcile with his past, and quickly, before his chance to escape disappears. But, when an inexplicable force of nature saves Jasmine, Hans’ eccentric yet caring friend, a larger question comes to Hans’ mind—who is the guardian?

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