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Author DiVitto Kelly

About the Author


DiVitto is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently resides near the ocean in South Florida. He's published multiple novels and short stories and was the editor for the Seminole Tribe of Florida newspaper. He has a master's degree in library science, is a certified diver and teaches papier mache art. He also plays bass guitar and twice performed at CBGB in NYC where he managed to break a string on both occasions.



Author: DiVitto Kelly

Paperback ISBN:  9781951642082

eBook ISBN:  9781951642099

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Release Date 12/1/2019

After a fierce storm, a mysterious creature the size of a rhino has washed up, apparently dead, on the shores of Seal Cove, an isolated coastal town in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The new discovery is later transferred to a large vacant pool located at the nearby defunct college where marine biologist Michael Keating hopes to decipher what it is. Later at night, the creature emerges from its dormant stage, transforming into something monstrous.


Filled with quirky local characters and a lanky, Goth book store owner, formally of New York City, the residents must rely on each other and their limited resources if they are to survive the raw October night and the flesh-eating predator that has made Seal Cove its hunting ground.

Summer of the Shark


Author: DiVitto Kelly

Paperback ISBN: 9781951642709

eBook ISBN:  9781951642716

Genre: Young Adult Adventure

Release Date 06/22/2020

It’s 1974 and school’s out for 12-year-old Ryan Sullivan, only he won’t be spending it in his hometown of Madison Hill, Ohio. No playing baseball with friends, riding bikes, or going to Reds games at cookie-cutter Riverfront Stadium. Instead, he’ll be visiting his grandfather, Arthur ‘Artie’ Sullivan, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for the whole summer.

And during his stay, Ryan will discover the joys of eating lobstah, snag a foul ball at a Red Sox game, survive not one, but two, great white shark attacks, and along with his grandfather, become hired extras in the movie, Jaws, which is being filmed on location. Ryan even meets a girl his age, Veronica, who not only likes baseball, but loves monster movies almost as much as he does.

Filled with humor, drama, and the flavor of Martha’s Vineyard, Summer of the Shark is a mid-seventies, nostalgic first-person account of Ryan’s iconic vacation and the two significant events that occurred one year later: his beloved Cincinnati Reds capturing the World Series over Artie’s Boston Red Sox in dramatic seventh-game fashion, and the debut of his favorite movie of all time, Jaws. Recollecting on his childhood, Ryan Sullivan concludes that 1975 to be his favorite year.


Author: DiVitto Kelly

Hardback ISBN: 9798810798880

Paperback ISBN: 9781956788952

eBook ISBN:  9781956788969

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Drama

Release Date 5/31/2022

Mark Finley, happily married and father of two children, is now a shark. What’s worse, he’s smack dab in the middle of the local community pool. Swimmers terrified, dashing for safety. You get the picture. But he’s a nice shark, quite unique actually. Orange as a tangerine and steeped in Hawaiian folklore. It’s a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. Yet somehow, Finley must find a way to break a family curse and return to human form or he is going to become a permanent fixture at his own aquarium. 

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