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Author Joe Scipione

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About the Author


Joe Scipione lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two kids. He is a Senior Contributor and horror book reviewer at He has had stories published in several anthologies including “Stories We Tell After Midnight: Volume 2,” “Satan is Your Friend,” and “Throw Down Your Dead: An Anthology of Western Horror.” When he’s not reading or writing you can usually find him cheering on one of the Boston sports teams or walking around the lakes near his home.

Perhaps She Will Die


Author: Joe Scipione

Paperback ISBN: 9781955086486

eBook ISBN:  9781955086493

Genre: Horror

Release Date 7/19/2021

Lisa Ewing and her family have just moved into their dream house. The neighborhood is perfect and the school system is one of the best, ideal for her two children. Everything is perfect, until Lisa notices the strange behavior of their new neighbor. At first, she chalks his odd behavior up to the fact that he is elderly. But things get worse.

A young girl goes missing and Lisa unearths the long history of disappearances in the same small patch of woods. Lisa is the only person that knows enough about the malevolent creature behind the disappearances and its connection to her new neighbor. Now the creature is after Lisa and her life hangs in the balance.

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