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Author John Moss

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About the Author


JOHN MOSS WRITES MYSTERIES BECAUSE NOTHING BRINGS life into focus like murder. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2006 in recognition of his career as a professor of Canadian literature with over a score of books in his field, John moved progressively away from literary criticism to creative writing and the mystery genre. He and his wife, Beverley Haun, whose book Inventing Easter Island grew out of her work as a cultural theorist, share a stone farmhouse with an Airedale and a Kerry Blue terrier and numerous ghosts in Peterborough, Ontario. He was a scuba instructor and an endurance athlete (Boston Marathon, eleven times; the original Ironman, once; Canadian Ski Marathon, gold bar; numerous treks in the barren lands and many long-distance loppets closer to home). John is an amateur house builder, Bev is an inspired potter, and they still enjoy canoeing, cross-country skiing, and long hikes in interesting places around the world. In 2017 they did the Wainwright coast-to-coast walk across England and would like nothing better than to do it again.  

Other books by John Moss include:

The Girl in a Coma; Blood Wine; The Dead Scholar; Reluctant Dead; Grave Doubts; Still Waters; Being Fiction; Invisible in the House of Mirrors; The Paradox of Meaning; Enduring Dreams; A Readers Guide to the Canadian Novel; Bellrock; The Ancestral Present; Patterns of Isolation

The Jewel in the Cave


A Silver Medallion Novella

Author: John Moss

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899268

eBook ISBN: 9781629899275

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release Date 05/21/2018

The discovery of awesome cave drawings by a disabled young anthropologist connects her to the precarious life of the girl who made them, fifty thousand years in the past. 

Angel Harris was born without the use of her legs. Her work is to explore caverns and tunnels others can’t reach in the quest for fossilized human bones. Deep in the earth she encounters the primeval art of a young woman who calls herself MEme. Their two stories intersect. At fifteen, MEme emerged from her secret grotto to find her family had vanished. Horrified but undaunted, she sets off to rescue them from dreaded people we have come to know as Neanderthals. In the present, Angel is cast into subterranean darkness as she struggles to survive, only to realize that something in the world has gone terribly terribly wrong.

Surviving the End of the World


A Silver Medallion Novella

Author: John Moss

Paperback ISBN: 9781950890262

eBook ISBN: 9781950890279

Genre: Apocalyptic Suspense

Release Date 07/08/2019

Possibly the last person on Earth, a disabled young woman struggles to endure while she’s relating the story of her survival at fifteen, lost and presumed dead in the wilderness. 

Angel Harris is on a quest to find a fellow human being after most animal forms on the planet have perished. Born without the use of her legs, she crawls through mud, over rocks, along pavement, and travels from Paris by wheelchair and skateboard, borrowed cars and a yacht, to the south coast of England before setting sail in a small boat by herself across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. Her heroic account is told against the background story of her fifteen-year-old self as she describes the terrors, the mysteries, and the unexpected rewards of a plane crash in the northern bushland. Late for her own funeral, she becomes an anthropologist determined to survive the end of the world.

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