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Author Mark F. Geatches

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About the Author


Mark began writing fiction in 2010. What began as an experiment quickly became a labor of love. Writing allows him an outlet for his unpredictable imagination, as well as an excuse to spend even more of his time listening to music. Mark finds music and writing the perfect mental connection; the nexus of focus and inspiration.

For information about Marks published books and short stories, visit his website,

Tamar and PJ One Giant Adventure


Author: Mark F. Geatches

Hardback ISBN: 9781629895819

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895826

eBook ISBN: 9781629895833

Genre: Middle Grade Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Release Date 11/28/2016

PJ’s weekend began like any other, but his sense of tranquility was mere illusion. Hunted down and poisoned by a wicked humanoid strain, PJ slowly loses his health and sanity as a lone giant races to save him. 

After centuries of solitude Tamar’s decision to save PJ has unforeseen consequences. He unwittingly kills Krell, the vorteh Emperor’s son and heir to the throne, placing a mark on his own head. Now Tamar must perform the nearly impossible task of creating an antidote that will save PJ, while avoiding marauding vorteh death squads. With PJ’s outcome unknown Tamar makes one final decision. He confronts Emperor Dedac, sacrificing his life to save the lives of PJ and his family. 

No animals, humans, vorteh, or giants were harmed during the writing of this book.

Well, maybe some vorteh were.

A Road to Redemption

America's Second Revolution Book 1

Author: Mark F. Geatches

Hardback ISBN: 9781953271051

Paperback ISBN:  9781953271068

eBook ISBN:  9781953271075

Genre: Dystopian

Release Date 09/07/2020

Two decades after the Wave of Destruction that nearly destroyed America, the United States is no longer recognizable. Dictator Joseph Stoner has transformed it into a socialist utopia. A society where, even though there is no freedom, there is also no opposition to his tyrannical rule. The weekend sabbaths where food, beer, and weed are handed out freely, have replaced self-will, disapproval, and even a sense of ambition in the soul of the people.

When three kids, Zammi, his sister Sydney, and their best friend Straz sneak into the forbidden structure that was once Philadelphia’s Parkway Central Library, they realize how much has been lost. Not just gadgets and other possessions of a once wealthy nation, but a sense of community, truth, and freedom as well. Determined to make things right, they create a clandestine organization called The Liberation, and embark on a risky plan to overthrow the President. 

Liberation Rising

America's Second Revolution Book 2

Author: Mark F. Geatches

Hardback ISBN: 9781955086134

Paperback ISBN: 9781955086141

eBook ISBN: 9781955086158

Genre: Dystopian

Release Date 05/18/2021

After the failed assassination attempt on President Joseph Stoner, the Liberation, a group of thousands determined to bring democracy back to America, is disbanded and in hiding. Instead of bringing freedom to the masses, the group of would-be liberators has brought about heightened tension, increased surveillance, and a brutal crackdown of the population of Philadelphia, as the President becomes more guarded and paranoid than ever.

When the oppression becomes too much to bear, the Liberation has no choice but to take action. Gone, however, is the naïve idea of conducting a near-bloodless coup. This time they decide on a more direct approach. All-out war.

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