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Author Michael Saad

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About the Author


Michael Saad is a full time teacher who, when not lesson planning or marking, tries to squeeze in fictional writing as a past-time to keep him from hounding government officials on education, health care, the economy, and the environment.   He is happily married to his wife Jodi, and together they have two wonderful children.  They reside in Alberta, Canada where Mike can escape to the mountainous Provincial Parks for seclusion from his semi-frequent disillusionment of provincial, federal, and international politics.  Once there, Mike finds extreme delight in his regular discourse with the various ghosts and goblins he encounters in the vast forests.

Mike’s other previously published works have appeared in Orange Magazine, Open Minds Quarterly, B.C. Historical News, Halfway Down the Stairs, Nil Desperandum, The Scarlet Leaf Review, Fiction-on-the-Web, Under the Bed, eFiction Magazine, SQ Mag, The Cross & the Cosmos, Youth Imagination Magazine, Non-Local Science Fiction Magazine and The Laurier Institute for Strategic and Military Studies.  His first novel – All the Devils Are Here – has been released by Tumbleweed Books to good reviews, and his latest novella, entitled Let There Be Night, has been released by Dark Passages Publishing out of New York.

The Anger of a Thousand Worlds


Author: Michael Saad

Paperback ISBN: 9781951642587

eBook ISBN: 9781951642594

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 04/20/2020


The planet Jemorrea, once a veritable wasteland and protectorate in the Intergalactic Coalition, is home to a primitive, caste-driven race called the Jullimet. Light years away from known civilization, the planet becomes the unlikely precipice for a monumental showdown between men that holds the entire fate of a people and civilization at its outcome. On one side is Wasil Charbotrov, chief magister of the Grand Malan Veneration, a galactic colonist hell-bent on restoring the superiority of his now decimated people. On the other is Hals Remlone, a travelling rogue with own agenda, and a secret mission to restore the integrity of his increasingly marginalized planet. With conflicting interests, a collision course is set and the struggle between the two men has the ultimate stakes for the final destiny of the planet and people they’ve each sworn to uphold – the planet Earth and all that’s left of the human race.

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