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Author Nancy Martin-Young

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About the Author


Nancy Martin-Young met Jane Austen’s characters when she was eight and remains a devoted Janeite. A former editor, reporter, and college educator, she (writing as Nancy Young) is the author of the Something in the Dark Series: Seeing Things, Hearing Things, and Sensing Things, which was a finalist in the RWA Best Banter Contest. Her romantic suspense series is set in Raleigh's historic Oakwood neighborhood. Nancy's also a prize-winning poet. Other works include a poetry collection and dozens of poems, articles, and short stories that have appeared in journals, magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. For more info, visit her website,, and check out her novels’ Pinterest pages!

Wit and Prattles

Author: Nancy Martin-Young

Hardback ISBN: 9781955086073

Paperback ISBN: 9781955086080

E-Book ISBN: 97819550866097

Genre: Regency Romance

Release Date 8/3/2021

A neglected Austen character deserves the happiest ending of all.

Chatty Charlotte Jennings set her sights on introverted Thomas Palmer when she was a girl and he courted her sister, who chose a husband with a title instead. Now circumstances force Thomas back into society to find a wife—preferably a quiet one. Irrepressible Charlotte strives to tumble into his path at every opportunity. After a heady waltz, he can’t resist an embrace, much to Charlotte’s delight. Caught in an embarrassing display, Thomas agrees to marry her to save her reputation. The stage is set for a mismatch made in heaven.

A tumultuous wedding night dashes Charlotte’s rosy expectations. Her husband is still besotted with the image of her perfect sister, Lady Middleton, and Charlotte falls far short of that paragon of sophistication. Isolated in the Palmer estate, she sinks into despair. Only by launching a campaign to capture her husband’s esteem can she snag her own happiness.

But can she shift his heart to her own charms and secure her happily ever after?

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