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A Golden Triangle - eBook

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A stroll on the pier in gorgeous Naples, Florida, takes an unexpected twist for sisters Ollie and Mo when a stranger’s nearly $1,000,000 watch disappears, quite literally, beneath their feet. Enter Betty, a billionaire retiree, and ‘A Golden Triangle’ of friendship and laughter is born.

All would be well for the new friends, indeed, were it not for investigating detective Lt. Carmen Cruz, fixing on Ollie as the thief. And just a couple of days later, a murder too heinous to contemplate.

The solution to the mysteries will require a mix of delish recipes, champagne, Agatha Christie, beloved dogs, and yoga, with a side dish of hypnosis and brunch plans. There’s even a medieval English knight reincarnated in the most unlikely of vessels!

Come for the beach-side antics, and stay for the captivating blend of crime, charm, and sisterhood. Bon appétit!

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