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Jeffery - Griffin Brothers Book 4 - eBook

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Kathi S. Barton

Paige Dresher didn’t trust men. She had three little girls to raise, and life had been hard. The deadbeat who had fathered the girls denied his involvement, leaving Paige and the girls to make it on their own. It didn’t help that the only place Paige could afford was a dump, and her girls deserved better than that. They all did. When the landlord shot Paige and one of her daughters, she thought it was the end.

Jeffery Griffin knew about the new arrivals. He just wanted to come over and welcome them to the family when he found a strange man who smelled like the little girls roaming in the woods, spying on the little family. Jeffery shifted to his wolf and went to warn the little girls’ mother.

When his wolf knocked Paige to the ground, he was surprised and happy to discover she was his mate. Paige, on the other hand, wasn’t the least bit happy at his revelation. She wasn’t happy at all….

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