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Squiggy's Challenge - eBook

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by Jean Young

Squiggy is not your ordinary dolphin. He lost his dorsal fin shortly after he was born, and he almost died. Despite the hardship, he learned to swim and survive in the ocean with the help of his mother and his friends. Unfortunately, the humans capture Squiggy, and he is hurled into the human world.

Tatianna is a girl who lost her arm in a terrible accident. She had little joy in her life until she met Squiggy. Tati and Squiggy develop a connection and inspire each other.

More misfortune falls upon the fearless dolphin. Will Squiggy ever go back to the ocean? Will Squiggy ever find his mother again?

“Squiggy's Challenge is a beautifully written story about an injured dolphin and his longing to be reunited with his mother and best friend. This book is a riveting read filled with valuable messages and heartwarming connections between Squiggy the dolphin and the humans who spend time with him. It's guaranteed to engage readers of all ages.” Joanne Vasquez, Registered Principal - LPL Financial and Mom

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