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Author Patrick Iovinelli

About the Author

This is the debut novel from Patrick Iovinelli.  He teaches courses in language, literature, and science fiction at a large public high school.  He is also a musician, baseball fanatic, and little brother. He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, two daughters, and a beagle.

Waiting for the Sun


Author: Patrick Iovinelli

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895727

eBook ISBN: 9781629895734

Genre: YA Suspense

Release Date 11/14/2016

As he walks the halls of Wilton High, Nathan Keller would like nothing more than to pick out a good book and blend into the walls, but he can’t. Everywhere he goes, people whisper. They stare. Everyone knows Nathan because he’s the psycho-killer’s little brother.  

When his brother commits a terrible crime, it’s up to Nathan to protect him from the outside world, the police, and even himself. Already struggling to care for his ailing mother, Nathan faces a relentless detective as well as his own guilt and confusion about his brother’s crime. Nathan fights to hold on to his fragile world as the most important people in it slip away.

The Chosen


The Council of Calamity Trilogy Book 1

Author: Patrick Iovinelli

Paperback ISBN: 9781949812053

eBook ISBN: 9781949812060

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

Release Date 10/22/2018

Nothing ever happens on the Eckerly farm, where 15-year-old Alexa Flynn lives with her family. Then one day a strange, old woman appears to tell Alexa and her twin brother Michael that they possess an ancient and mystical power—the power of magic.

When tragedy strikes, Alexa finds herself on a dangerous quest facing monsters, murderers, and beings of unspeakable power. As she races against time to save her family, the young sorceress must decide how far she is willing to go in order to realize her true power.

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