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Author Shirley O'Neil

About the Author

Shirley lives in Northeast Ohio. She turned to writing after taking an early retirement to care for her mother who had been stricken with Alzheimer’s. While writing first started as a pleasant form of stress relief for Shirley, it soon became her creative passion. She thanks God for her family and her close friends, who have given her support and inspiration.


The Saviors of Souls Book 1

Author: Shirley O'Neil

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899534

eBook ISBN: 9781629899541

Genre: Supernatural Suspense/Romance

Release Date 07/23/2018

Hayley can see the past, present, future, and the dead. But her infatuation for Lee, her boss, is distracting her from something devastating. She realizes too late that she is losing her abilities. While she, Lee, and her fellow paranormal investigators are on a case taking them to a remote island in Micronesia, a chain of events she’s unable to shield herself against overwhelms her. Her mind becomes flooded with memories that aren’t her own. What are they trying to show her? Who’s the man who keeps reappearing in her vivid dreams? And why can’t she protect herself from being temporarily possessed? 

When she and the rest of the team reach the island where a Japanese World War II ghost ship had run aground, Hayley wonders if she still has the ability to speak to the dead, to solve the mystery of why the remains of Americans were found on board with no sign of the Japanese crew, and if she is able to discover who has created a portal, opening a door between dimensions, allowing the ship to create its own atmosphere, and repairs it rusted hull. 

Hayley is surprised to find that all the mysteries she’d experienced are linked and shocked to learn that she’s responsible.


The Savior of Souls Book 2

Author: Shirley O'Neil

Paperback ISBN: 9781950890101

eBook ISBN: 9781950890118

Genre: Supernatural Suspense/Romance

Release Date 6/10/2019

Hayley Johnson not only sees the dead, she has the ability to envision the past, present and the future...but not her own. And now, she must use her instincts to fight a powerful, evil entity. 

As she, Lee Franklin--the man she loves--and the other members of the Paranormal Search and Analysis investigators search for the entity's lair, Hayley foresees the danger before them. Then entity has taken a host, the ghost of a slave, Abel, murdered in the mid-1800s. The ancient being forces Abel to focus on his hatred for the man who murdered him so it can feed on the Abel's negativity and eventually take his soul for its own. 

Finding the spirit of Abel's wife, Emma, on an old Georgian plantation and reuniting them is the team's only hope to save Abel from being consumed. But when they learn Emma's spirit is also being imprisoned by an entity far stronger than the one holding Abel, the team looks to Hayley and her unique abilities for solutions. 

Can Hayley save Abel from being consumed? What can she use to fight a shapeshifting entity with ability to plant it seeds in her mind, create horrid images, and distort her reality? And how can she stop it from harming her, members of her team, or the man she deeply loves?


The Savior of Souls Book 3

Author: Shirley O'Neil

Paperback ISBN:  9781951642938

eBook ISBN:  9781951642945

Genre: Supernatural Suspense/Romance

Release Date 07/20/2020

Hayley Johnson can see the dead and envision the past, present, and future, in most cases. After celebrating her birthday with Lee Franklin, her fiancé, and returning to Lee’s home, they find an unexpected visitor who has disrupted Hayley’s abilities.


Vara, a sentinel, a type of guardian angel, appears in the form of a goshawk and puts Hayley, Lee, and the other members of the saviors of souls in danger. She has led an evil great enough to threaten the world to their doorstep. Was it by accident? Vara’s actions are filled with mystery and suspicion. The team investigates the sentinel’s previous mortal lifetime and learns her plans maybe driven by vengeance, and a personal vendetta, which involves a plot that will ultimately take the life of possibly Hayley, Lee or someone else on the team.  


Who is Vara? Will she go against the sentinel’s code of honor and kill an innocent? Can she be trusted? How can the sentinel be outwitted? Maybe she can’t be. Who will die?


The Savior of Souls Book 4

Author: Shirley O'Neil

Hardback ISBN: 9798393918743

Paperback ISBN:  9781960076700

eBook ISBN:  9781960076717

Genre: Supernatural Suspense/Romance

Release Date 6/5/2023

Hayley Johnson has taken a vacation from seeing the dead and envisioning the past, present, and future, or so she thought.

While in London, England, with her soon-to-be husband, Lee Franklin, and other members of the Saviors of Souls, Hayley is haunted by a little girl who had died during World War II. After multiple encounters with the ghostly girl, they follow her to a small town, where the team is shocked to learn that their fate and the fate of the townspeople lies in the church graveyard.

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