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Author Alison Furtaw

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About the Author


The author came up with this story daydreaming in the bowels of the courthouse where she has spent the last 27 years. An attorney by trade, a writer by inclination, this book is the culmination of years of toil. Early in her career as a defense attorney, Furtaw lost her young husband, and was left to raise their three kids on her own. This book is an homage to her kids, who remain her spirit and her inspiration. This book is also in gratitude to Tom Furtaw, who is remembered with great love and admiration

A Drop of Blood


Authors: Alison Furtaw

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260481

eBook ISBN: 9798891260498

Genre: Young Adult Horror/Paranormal

Release Date 9/25/2023

Anthony Murphy panted as he ran through the twisty tunnel. He could hear the things behind him, but he couldn’t see them. They shuffled and gibbered in the dark tunnel as he desperately tried to outrun them. He knew moving and starting high school would be hard, but this was ridiculous. He had started out the week with high hopes and now his new friend was missing, his family was in danger, and his blood was a hot commodity. All it took to get his newly discovered relatives back to their home was a few drops of his blood, but apparently, they wanted a lot more than that.

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