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Author Scott Freer

About the Author


Scott Freer has always been interested in watching the world through the eyes of others. Watching their imagination unfold on the pages or on the big screen. The fascination of seeing or imagining things created through a mind entirely different from your own always held a sort of excitement for Scott, and through his future works, he hopes to show his own visions to the rest of the world.

He finally achieved his goal of becoming a published author at the age of 23 when his first novella Cryptid Chronicles: The Spider was released in late 2019. Scott is sure this is only the first of many pieces to become available.

The Spider

Cryptid Chronicles

Author: Scott Freer

Paperback ISBN: 9781951642068

eBook ISBN: 9781951642075

Genre: Horror

Release Date 11/25/2019

Sarah thought that the strange, eerie tingle in her spine would stop once she set off to her hometown of Eastwood, Ontario. But even after the wheels touched the ground, the feeling persisted.

And now, while meeting with her childhood friends, she realizes why—her brother has been missing for the last week…

Now, Sarah, alongside her friends Alex, Samuel, and Tammy, will have to search high and low through the darkest, most uncomfortable places to find him, before he is lost forever.

Will Sarah ever see her brother again? or will someone—or something—be there to find him first?

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